Belgium Parliament asks for Rwanda to Repatriate Rusesabagina

The majority parties of the Belgian Parliament approved a resolution condemning the kidnapping and current imprisonment of humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina by the Rwanda government. Parliamentarians additionally have urged the Belgian Foreign Minister to repatriate Rusesabagina.

EMERGENCY situation – Paul Rusesabagina Denied Food and Water in Rwandan Prison

Hotel Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina is being denied food, water, medication, and access to family visitation in his current imprisonment by the Rwanda government. This mistreatment denies the rules set in the internationally recognized Mandela Rules regarding the Treatment of Prisoners.

Belarus’ Lukashenko Follows the Lead of Rwanda’s Kagame

The lack of consequences experienced by the Greek airline company GainJet, despite a role one of its chartered aircraft played in the political kidnapping and (witness to torturing) of humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina by the Rwandan government, sets a dangerous precedent for similar regimes.

Family, Legal Team of Illegally Extradited and Jailed Humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina to Reveal the Details of His Captivity and Torture After His Kidnapping

The family of imprisoned humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina will be filing an update with the UN Special Rapporteur on the current conditions of his confinement. This is to include evidence of torture and the now 260 days solitary confinement, far more than the maximum of 15 days outlined in the United Nation’s “Mandela Laws”.

Rusesabagina’s Rwanda Imprisonment Violates UN’s Mandela Rules, Int’l Human Rights Standards

The conditions of humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina’s imprisonment by the Rwandan government fall in violation of the United Nations’ “Mandela Rules,” a standard mininum rules for the treatment of prisoners. A notable example his being held in solitary confinement for 250 days, far more than the Mandela Rules’ maximum of 15.

Unidas Podemus Initiative Approved – Urges the Government of Rwanda to Release Activist Paul Rusesabagina and Guarantee Human Rights

The Spanish electoral alliance Unidas Podemus presented an initiative before the Balearic Islands Parliament to urge the Government of Rwanda to liberate activist Paul Rusesabagina.

Exposing the Pact Between President Paul Kagame, Some Genocide Suspects, Some Genocide Survivors, and Two Supposed Humanitarian Groups Against Paul Rusesabagina, An Ordinary Man

Four years after the release of the film Hotel Rwanda, humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina reflects on the opportunities afforded to him by the theatrical telling of his real life story as well as the personal attacks he has continue to receive from the Rwandan government.

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