Why is the Rwandan government and press bringing up new “evidence” against Paul Rusesabagina now after the trial is over?

Despite the end of Paul Rusesabagina’s show trial, Rwandan press unrolls “new” evidence as waiting begins for the trial’s verdict. The new article published by KT Press, believed to be propaganda of the Rwanda government, comes shortly after independent criticism of prosecution’s lack of evidence.

One Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina: No Evidence of Crime, but Still in Prison

Paul Rusesabagina is unable to access attorneys and evidence while in his abusive imprisonment by the Rwanda government. His circumstance comes after his decades of critiquing against the current regimes’ human rights abuses and violations against the Rwandan people.

Supporters, Legal Observers Rally Around Hotel Rwanda Hero as His Family Crowdfunds to Fight His “Show Trial”

Crowdfunding efforts grow on behalf of human rights advocate Paul Rusesabagina, who has been a political prisoner of the Rwanda government since August 2020 and now subjected to a show trial. Rusesabagina’s bravery during the Rwanda genocide served as inspiration for the film Hotel Rwanda.

Pegasus Surveillance Software is Being Used to Track Rusesabagina’s Family

Despite their denial to the contrary, the Rwandan government is believed to be using Pegasus surveillance software to target human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, and others, including Hotel Rwanda humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina’s daughter Carine Kanimba.

Letter to the Secretary of State from the Members of the US Congress

Letter from members of the United States Congress urging Secretary of State Blinken to use diplomatic resources to extradite humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina, who is being denied his basic human rights under his imprisonment and legal rights in his show trial. in Rwanda.

Update on Paul Rusesabagina’s Access to Food and Water

Lawyers of humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina state that Rusesabagina had received standard prison ration over the weekend despite news earlier in the week such items would be denied to him. Access to food and water is mandated in the United Nation’s Mandela Rules, as recognized by most nations.

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