Congress Calls on Sec. Blinken to Ensure Rusesabagina’s Safe Return

Rwanda’s Spying and Lying Exposed

CHICAGO – July 21th –  41 Members of the United States Congress recently wrote to Secretary of State Tony Blinken to urge him to use all of the diplomatic means at his disposal to ensure the safe return of  Hotel Rwanda humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina to the United States. The full text of the Congressional letter is attached. 

In their letter, they cited the earlier concerns of their Congressional colleagues over the extrajudicial means used to detain Rusesabagina, the torture inflicted on him and the denial of his basic legal rights and basic human rights. At the time of the writing of the letter, they reminded Blinken that he had committed in writing to ensure that Rwanda would conduct a fair trial. As the days go on, it is apparent to all that there is no fair process. Recently the Clooney Foundation and ABA issued a report again expressed their outrage over the lack of any kind of fair trial. Linked here:  Trial Observation Report: Rwanda vs. Paul Rusesabagina

The signers of the Congressional letter also cited espionage concerns after the intrusion of a Rwandan diplomat into an online class of Mr. Rusesabagina’s son at St. Mary’s University. The Rwandan espionage against Rusesabagina’s family became even clearer this week when the Pegasus Project revealed that the Pegasus spyware has been used to track and surveil Mr. Rusesabagina’s daughter since at least January of 2021. Rwanda denies the use of Pegasus but they have repeatedly been linked to the NSO Group and Pegasus spyware. Hotel Rwanda activist’s daughter placed under Pegasus surveillance

With the further revelations of both the unfair nature of the trial and the further spying by Rwanda on Americans, it is past time for Secretary Blinken to use all diplomatic means at his disposal to free Paul Rusesabagina.



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