Remembering Kizito Mihigo, Singer, Songwriter and Peacebuilder

CHICAGO – Feb. 15, 2021 – It has been one year since the death of Kizito Mihigo, the gospel singer who worked for peace and reconciliation in his native Rwanda. Kizito died on February 14, 2020 under mysterious circumstances after being wrongfully imprisoned by President Paul Kagame. People around the world are calling for an inquiry into his death.

Michela Wrong wrote a piece remembering Kizito today. The link is at the end of this release.

Rwanda: The Dove’s music united a nation torn by genocide. Why did he die in a cell? A year ago, singer Kizito Mihigo died after being arrested for his song mourning the Tutsi and Hutu killings. Now western donors want a full inquiry into his death.

Kizito was not only a talented musician, but also an extremely brave human rights and peace advocate. This brought a violent end to his work for peace.

February 17 is the day that the Kagame regime has set for the start of the trial of Paul Rusesabagina another Rwandan by birth, who is now a Belgian citizen and American legal permanent resident, who has been also been working for truth and reconciliation among Rwandans and sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa. During the Rwandan genocide Rusesabagina saved the lives of 1,268 people who he sheltered at Hotel des Mille Collines.

Since then, Rwandan President Kagame became jealous of the world wide praise and notoriety that Rusesabagina has achieved. In Kagame’s mind, there is only room for one famous Paul from Rwanda and it is not Rusesabagina.

Read Michela Wrong’s piece in The Guardian:
Rwanda: The Dove’s music united a nation torn by genocide. Why did he die in a cell? (ā€¦)



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