False Accusations Against Rusesabagina Started A Long Time Ago

CHICAGO – Sep. 15, 2020 – Since Paul Kagame became the President of Rwanda, he has wanted to be the only hero. When the movie Hotel Rwanda came out in 2004 and showed the extraordinary lengths that Paul Rusesabagina went to save 1,268 people during the Rwandan genocide, Paul Kagame initially praised the movie. But, when Rusesabagina became famous and gained a platform to talk about the need for human rights and political space within Rwanda, Kagame decided that Rusesabagina must be stopped.

Since 2004, he has sent spies to break into Rusesabagina’s house in Belgium, surveilled, tailed, and harassed Rusesabagina’s speeches. Kagame has tried to silence Rusesabagina’s humanitarian efforts. Kagame’s goal for more than 15 years was to silence the big fish, Paul Rusesabagina. Kagame has called for Rusesabagina’s death, disappearance, or imprisonment for years. Now Kagame got his wish.

Here is a preview of the coming attractions at the trial. These are the refuted false allegations that Kagame tried to level at humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina back in the years between 2010 – 2012. Some of the highlights included falsely accusing Rusesabagina of wiring money to rebels. James Kimonyo, the then Rwandan Ambassador to the United States, accused Rusesabagina of conspiring with former US Ambassadors to buy guns for rebels. Kagame generally accuses Rusesabagina of being a genocide denier while the reality is Rusesabagina spends his time educating people about the Rwandan genocide to make “never again” actually mean never again. Rusesabagina also stresses the need for an internationally sanctioned truth and reconciliation commission for Rwandans at home and in the diaspora so that Hutus and Tutsis can live in peace and freedom.

Please read the documents below so that you will be prepared for the #fakenews that you will see at the kangaroo court trial of Paul Rusesabagina.

Here is the document outlining some of the 2010-2012 false allegations and real facts (https://hotelrwandarusesabaginafoundation.files.wordpress…).



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