Changing Stories, Rwanda’s Kagame Can Not Make Up His Mind

Rwandan Government continues to lie about illegal arrest of humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina

CHICAGO – Sep. 9, 2020 – Paul Rusesabagina, the humanitarian famous for saving 1,268 Rwandans during the 1994 Genocide, was kidnapped and brought illegally to Rwanda and is a victim of extraordinary rendition. According to news reports from independent journalists, there are differing reports of what happened and how the illegal arrest was made.

• When President Kagame first announced the spurious charges against humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina, he said that arrest was made with “international cooperation” yet no country has admitted cooperation.

• The next version was that the “international cooperation” meant that other countries had been asked to investigate. Yet, Belgium said that they had nothing to do with the arrest. UAE said that they had nothing to do with the rest.

• Then President Paul Kagame hinted that Rusesabagina had been “tricked” in to traveling to Rwanda. He said that his plan had worked “flawlessly.”

• The Secretary General of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) said that Paul got on the plane voluntarily but did not know that the plane was going to Kigali and he was arrested upon arrival. The family believes the last part to be true. Paul Rusesabagina would never get on a plane to Rwanda. He would have had to have been taken there against his will. It seems that Kagame’s plan to illegally extradite Paul did indeed work “flawlessly.”

Rusesabagina, a Belgian citizen, did not voluntarily come to Rwanda and no extradition process was followed. The International Community needs to demand Rusesabagina’s immediate release.



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