Video Gallery

Watch these videos from the team working to free Paul and reputable news sources, including CNN and UpFront, to learn more about the details of the Paul Rusesabagina kidnapping and how you can help.

A webinar presented by the IBA’s Human Rights Institute – Captive – hostage-taking as state policy

Paul Rusesabagina: Don Cheadle et les stars d’Hôtel Rwanda lancent la campagne pour sa libération

Lawyer Kate Gibson Speaks About the Lawsuit for the Release and Repatriation of Paul Rusesabagina

Free Rusesabagina Panel Discussion With Don Cheadle, the Rusesabagina Family, the Lantos Foundation and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center, and More.

Improbable Political Prisoner: the Case of Paul Rusesabagina – Fault Lines Podcast (Feb 3, 2022)

Paul Rusesabagina Press Conference: Update/January 17, 2022 Appeal

British Parliament on Paul Rusesabagina – December 8, 2021

Westminster Hall Debate in the UK Parliament about Magnitsky Sanctions Against Rwanda for the Kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina

Parliament hearing with Carine Kanimba, daughter of Paul Rusesabagina – 11/18/21, Rome, Italy

EC Midday Foreign Affairs Press Briefing: Paul Rusesabagina and Rwanda Q&A

Why has ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero been jailed — Inside Story

BBC World News Interview with Carine Kanimba

Personal Interview with Anaise Kanimba About the Detainment of Paul Rusesabagina

Personal Interview with Roger Rusesabagina About the Detainment of Paul Rusesabagina

Personal Interview with Diane Rusesabagina About the Detainment of Paul Rusesabagina

Personal Interview with Lys Rusesabagina About the Detainment of Paul Rusesabagina

Carine Kanima Speaks About Her Father’s Kidnapping in a Personal Interview

Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice: Speaking out about Mr. Paul Rusesabagina

EDELSTAM FOUNDATION: Greeting to Mr. Paul Rusesabagina – imprisoned for a year in Rwanda

Johnston Busingye Interview with One World’s Zain Asher

One World’s Zain Asher interviews Carine Kanimba

Carine Kanimba and SOT Minister Vincent Biruta One World with Zain Asher

Rwanda paid for flight that led to Paul Rusesabagina arrest | UpFront

Aljazeera Interview with Carine Kanimba, Daughter of Paul Rusesabagina

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